Our studio in Bangkok is our creative space and showroom. The wooden cabin, furnitures, and shelves are built with reused wood and construction materials, inspired by a simple rural home's architecture. We are located on Ramkamheang Road. If you are in town and would like to learn more about our cotton journey, feel free to give us a visit. However, an appointment is needed. Click here to send us your query.

Simplicity: we are ‘simple’ in design yet abundant in functions. We apply the concept on how products from cotton has been used for generations in to inspire ours. To create products for everyday living while seeking inspirations from our surroundings and our busy urban routines, trying to find the right blend of contemporary living and local techniques of cotton production and weaving. 

Quality: ensuring quality in the entire process is our top priority. This means that we pay attention to every details, from farming of natural cotton, ginning, weaving, tailoring and finishing. We also use high quality muslin and unbleached 100% cotton linings, wooden buttons, and premium metal accessory parts on all our apparels, bags and accessories. 

Least Waste Possible! we make sure that even the smallest pieces of remaining textile from tailoring is used. We apply modern handicraft techniques of quilting, patchwork, and hand-stitching  to create new daily use products. 

Design Concept

Working Philosophy

FolkCharm Crafts partners with natural cotton farmers, artisanal communities and local craftswomen to present apparels and products with the right blend of contemporary living and traditional wisdom. Our textile is known for its hand-spun yarn, handloom process and natural dye local techniques. The 100% locally sourced chemical-free and organic cotton also comes with great benefits of gentle to skin, natural comfort. 

We now work with 30 local women cotton yarn spinners and weavers in Loei Province as well as 12 home-based women tailors, seamstresses and craftswomen in Bangkok and Ratchaburi Province. It also sources indigo textiles from 'Bhukram'  our social enterprise partner in Buphan District, Sakonnakhon Province. Since July 2016, FolkCharm has encouraged 8 women farmers in Phuluang District of Loei Province to grow chemical-free natural cotton on 3.5 acres of land. Together with these inspiring women, we create unique pieces of carefully crafted products from organic and natural materials. ​

Our vision is simple: to prove to the younger generation that it is an art worth conserving and can be an income generating activity which allows them to earn sufficient income without having to migrate into big cities to find work and distant themselves from their families. 

​Ethical:  Respect Crafts(wo)manship: Our products are crafted by rural communities where we work together with them under an honest cost-structure. In return for their crafts(wo)manship, our artisans receive return for their skills and techniques, rather than settling for the ‘amount sellable’ where loss is often the case. The three core values of our work are:

• Fairness : Fair financial return for livelihood. Fair to the environment. Fair to their health.
                • Mutual Interest : Ensure understanding of that business model that we are not a non-profit. Sustainability vs. discontinuous support
                          • Opportunities : No interest loans (through materials) those who lack capital to get started. Providing support on capacity building and design development. Awareness of access to market. Grow together through trial and error.

​​Local: Appreciating the weaving techniques that have been passed on many generations for hundreds of years.

Natural: Being made from 100% natural, locally sourced cotton comes with great benefits in softness, chemical-free, great comfort, easy wash-easy dry. Perfect as apparels and things we are regularly in contact with everyday. Click here to learn more about our cotton journey. 

FolkCharm Studio